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Traditional Chimney Cleaning

On first arrival we lay down clean dust sheets on the ground to protect your flooring..

Modern Chimney Cleaning

Working from the inside using a vacuum eliminates the danger of falls or damage to a roof. The fi..

CCTV Chimney Inspections

This means we can inspect your chimney for blockages or damage. This is fully recorded..

Blocked Chimneys Cleared

Traditional chimney sweep methods using rods and brush are sometimes requested by a cust..

Cowls Fitted

If you've ever had a bird's nest in your chimney it's recommended you get a Bird guard fitted as the..

Tar Deposits Removed

Tarry deposits in a chimney is caused from burning freshly cut wood with a high moisture..

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Traditional Chimney Cleaning

On first arriving we lay down clean dust sheets on the ground to protect your flooring. We check to ensure carbon monoxide alarms & smoke alarms are in the correct location and working properly. We check air vents in the room are open & not blocked up.

We use a powerful twin motored vacuum and tools. We begin by visually inspecting the chimney with a torch and mirror, checking to see what liners are in the chimney and to decide the best method to sweep the chimney.

If we are cleaning the chimney from the roof down, we first seal up the fireplace with fireproof sponges to ensure soot does not leak into the living room. Then we set up our ladders to access the top of the chimney and get our chimney sweeping rods & brushes ready to clean the chimney.

We carry many different kinds and sizes of brushes from stiff bristle to soft bristle brushes and use the correct type of brush depending on the type of liner in the chimney. After sweeping the chimney from the roof down, we pack away our ladders and rods & go back into the house to remove the sponges and remove all the soot we cleaned from the chimney.

Once finished, we carry out a smoke evacuation test to ensure the open fire, stove or range is working correctly.

Modern Chimney Cleaning

Modern Chimney Cleaning is a clean, safe and efficient way of cleaning a chimney. All our equipment is supplied by Rodtech and is used by many chimney sweeps in the UK & Ireland.

We lay down clean dust sheets on the ground and use a twin motored vacuum to ensure no dust or mess is left in your house. After checking your carbon monoxide & smoke alarms are in the correct location & working properly, we check air vents are open and not blocked up.

If we are sweeping through a stove we remove the baffle plates to access the bottom of the chimney. We check what kind of liners the chimney has and decide which kind of rods and brush to use. Modern chimney sweeping rods are very flexible and can bend around most stove pipes and flues without causing any damage.

Once set up we seal the stove opening with a thick plastic sheeting and magnets to give a tight seal ensuring no soot leaks from the stove during cleaning. We attach our vacuum to a T-Piece and the rods are passed through the T-Piece up to the top of the chimney. We then sweep the chimney using our drill removing any soot or creosote from the chimney.

Once finished we clean out all of the soot and carry out a smoke evacuation test ensuring the stove is working as it should.

Camera Inspections & Chimney Surveys

We carry out camera inspections & surveys for many homeowners, insurance assessors & building contractors across Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim & Fermanagh.

Why would I need my chimney inspected with a camera?

• To check for any damage or blockages inside the chimney.
• After a chimney fire.
• If you are buying a house.
• Landlords about to rent out a property.
• Making an insurance claim.

We use a specialised chimney camera to carry out our inspections. We record all our footage and write out a report explaining any faults or damage we may find inside your chimney & send it to our client or insurance assessors if you are making a claim.

Blocked Chimney Cleared

Blocked chimneys are mainly caused by nesting birds. Bird nests can lead to fire risk and need to be cleared. Even if partially blocked this can affect the efficiency of your fire or stove.

During early Spring it is a common problem to have birds nesting in your chimney. It is important that you do not use the fire or stove until the nest has been removed and the chimney swept and inspected.

First signs of trouble are usually twigs appearing in your fireplace and when you look up at the chimney pot you will see Magpies or Crows going in and out the pot whilst carrying twigs. It does not take long for the twigs to block the chimney and present a serious risk of Carbon Monoxide entering the living space with tragic consequences should the fire or stove be used.

When the nest is under construction or occupied with mother bird, eggs, or chicks we will not disturb or remove the nest for any reason morally and it is illegal to do so. Once the birds have finished with the nest we are more than happy to come out remove the nest, sweep the chimney and carry out a smoke test.

We also recommend that a proper bird guard suitable for your type of fire or stove be fitted. We can supply and fit this if necessary.

Cowls Fitted

If you’ve ever had a bird’s nest in your chimney it’s recommended you get a Bird guard fitted as the birds tend to return and nest again.

At Cleaner Chimneys we can supply & fit many different kinds of cowls and bird guards.

If you are having issues with birds nesting or rain water coming down your chimney, we can supply and fit a cowl that suits your chimney.

We can also supply and fit cowls for dealing with downdraught to stop smoke coming down your chimney.

Or maybe you are closing off your chimney? We can supply and fit vented caps to the top of your chimney.

Give us a call and we can discuss what kind of cowl may suit you best.

Tarry Deposits Removed

Tarry deposits in a chimney is caused from burning freshly cut wood with a high moisture content & burning plastics. Tar will quickly start to build up inside your chimney if you burn these & keep the air controls constantly closed off.

Removing tar from a chimney can be difficult and in some cases may need a chemical powder applied to help it dry out.

We at Cleaner Chimneys carry all the modern equipment to help remove tarry deposits from your chimney so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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