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Modern Chimney Cleaning is a clean, safe and efficient way of cleaning a chimney. All our equipment is supplied by Rodtech and is used by many chimney sweeps in the UK & Ireland.

We lay down clean dust sheets on the ground and use a twin motored vacuum to ensure no dust or mess is left in your house. After checking your carbon monoxide & smoke alarms are in the correct location & working properly, we check air vents are open and not blocked up.

If we are sweeping through a stove we remove the baffle plates to access the bottom of the chimney. We check what kind of liners the chimney has and decide which kind of rods and brush to use. Modern chimney sweeping rods are very flexible and can bend around most stove pipes and flues without causing any damage.

Once set up we seal the stove opening with a thick plastic sheeting and magnets to give a tight seal ensuring no soot leaks from the stove during cleaning. We attach our vacuum to a T-Piece and the rods are passed through the T-Piece up to the top of the chimney. We then sweep the chimney using our drill removing any soot or creosote from the chimney.

Once finished we clean out all of the soot and carry out a smoke evacuation test ensuring the stove is working as it should.

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