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On first arriving we lay down clean dust sheets on the ground to protect your flooring. We check to ensure carbon monoxide alarms & smoke alarms are in the correct location and working properly. We check air vents in the room are open & not blocked up.

We use a powerful twin motored vacuum and tools. We begin by visually inspecting the chimney with a torch and mirror, checking to see what liners are in the chimney and to decide the best method to sweep the chimney.

If we are cleaning the chimney from the roof down, we first seal up the fireplace with fireproof sponges to ensure soot does not leak into the living room. Then we set up our ladders to access the top of the chimney and get our chimney sweeping rods & brushes ready to clean the chimney.

We carry many different kinds and sizes of brushes from stiff bristle to soft bristle brushes and use the correct type of brush depending on the type of liner in the chimney. After sweeping the chimney from the roof down, we pack away our ladders and rods & go back into the house to remove the sponges and remove all the soot we cleaned from the chimney.

Once finished, we carry out a smoke evacuation test to ensure the open fire, stove or range is working correctly.

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