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Bird’s Nest Removed From Chimney

At this time of year, it is a common problem to have birds nesting in your chimney. It is important that you do not use the fire or stove until the nest has been removed and the chimney swept and inspected. First signs of trouble are usually twigs appearing in your fireplace and when you look up at the chimney pot you will see Magpies or  Crows going in and out the pot whilst carrying twigs. It does not take long for the twigs to block the chimney and present a serious risk of Carbon Monoxide entering the living space with tragic consequences should the fire or stove  be used.


When the nest is under construction or occupied with mother bird, eggs, or chicks we will not disturb or remove the nest for any reason morally and it is illegal to do so as well.

Once the birds have finished with the nest we are more than happy to come out remove the nest, sweep the chimney and carry out a smoke test.We also recommend that a proper bird guard suitable for your type of fire or stove be fitted we can supply and fit if you wish to go ahead with this.

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