Why Choose Cleaner Chimneys?

Cleaner chimneys is one of only a few Fully Insured & Registered Professional Chimney sweeps in Donegal. 

What does that mean for you? 

We are fully insured for working on roofs & have full public liability & personal insurance also we are Tax compliant. 

Meaning once we clean your chimney we issue receipts for your home insurance or county council should you rent of them. 

If cleaning a chimney from the roof is an issue we also clean from the bottom up using our rotary chimney cleaning equipment.

We use the most modern equipment and have a powerful twin motored industrial hoover ensuring no mess or dust is left in your home. 

If you’ve ever had a chimney cleaner that never issued a receipt or any proof of cleaning your insurance company may not stand over your chimney should any damage ever occur with it. 

Also if you hire a chimney sweep and they are not insured  they can put a claim in against you if in the unfortunate event they get injured while working at your property. 



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