Chimney and stove cleaned

This Chimney was over due cleaning as the customer said the stove was smoking and the smell of soot was lingering in the room. 


So they did the right thing and contacted Cleaner Chimneys to come and sweep the chimney and clean the stove and  back boiler. 

Now it's working perfect and it's safe to use. 


It's really important that you take of the baffle plates and clean around the boiler.

And if the flue goes out the rear of the stove into the chimney you should also get a simple flue brush or Ash vac and clean out any soot and ash out of the pipe as soot drops down the chimney and over time blocks the pipe meaning when you light the fire  the smoke will fill the room. 

And also it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning so don't take any chances when it comes to your chimney or appliance. 




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